What is the weight restriction?

30 lb maximum (full grown)

What do I bring to my appointment?

Your dog/puppy (duh) and please have them wear a harness and a regular non retractable leash. We will hold both items here so they can walk in and out safely. 

What is required for an appointment?

WA State requires that we have the rabies vaccination date on file. Please have this information ready when booking your appointment.

How long will the service take?

We ask for 3 hours but we will contact you if they are finished sooner! If your dog does not like the blow dryer or becomes aggressive we will towel dry them and put a fan in front of the kennel. Please allow more time in these cases. 

Will you take my dog out for a bathroom break?

No. For liability reasons we do not bring dogs outside. Please make sure they got potty prior to their grooming appointment.

What is a Tidy Trim?

A tidy trim includes bath and brush, nail clip, paw trim, sanitary trim, eye corner/bang trim, and feather "fringe" trim if the breed requires (example: Cavalier King Charles).

I want a full groom for my puppy, will you do that?

Unfortunately, no. The full haircut/grooming process is scary and overwhelming for a puppy so we start them off with a tidy trim to see how they do. They may need 2 of these appointments before they are ready for a full haircut. Most dogs will be groomed their entire life and we want them to be eased into the process so they get used to it and aren't overly fearful.

What is the cancellation policy?

$30 fee for no-show/cancelling without giving 24 hours notice.

What is a nail grind?

A nail grind is when a Dremel (electric file) is used to smooth and shorten the nail with less risk of causing the nail to bleed.